i complain about things and abuse photoshop
idk if this is weird or rude but i have recently restored my computer so everything has been wiped but on photoshop i usually use the first action u ever made as like a base action kinda?? like i work on it and do different things with it and it really helps me out n stuff and it really helps me and i prefer using it to ur other ones!!!!!! xxx —Anonymous

nah son thaTS Not rude at all and wow thank u so much i am actually really honored that u still use my first action im just  like„„ a bit embarrassed of it bc of how harsh it is >.»» but thats seriously so cool you still use it im seriously smiling rn 

hi um could you possibly link me to the first ever sharpen action you posted?? thank u ^_^ —Anonymous

sure thing although its not a very good action because its really harsh :sssss idk if u knew but i released like an improved version of the same action but idk 


oh my god this is actually so mental to think about my friend was looking at old messages on facebook and not even a year ago I was only at 300 so in short I’m just really thankful to not only the people that follow me but the people that take the time to message me, give me advice, reblog my beginner edits and my selfies, and just be there for me I’m too sentimental I swear. 

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